Gardasil Prevents

Sylvia Steedman July 16, 2017 

I used to function as the equivalent of a Vice-President of Operations in sanofi pasteur (the arguable world leader in vaccines). Sanofi pasteur has a joint venture with Merck in the vaccines business and the JV company is known as sanofi pasteur-MSD and they operate in the former Western European countries (more of less).

Due to this JV, I was enthusiastic when Merck announced the launch of Gardasil about 3 years ago. I was of course backing Gardasil rather than Cervarix the competition from GSK, more Being a vaccine man (at that time), I believed that this vaccine will save humanity from the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

Even while I was with sanofi pasteur disturbing news was emerging that young girls (who were the primary target of the vaccine) were dying. It didn't make it any easier that Merck was lobbying for several states in the US to provide this vaccine free and therefore make it mandatory for the citizens of those states.

Fortunately the anti-vaccine lobbies in these states were quite successful in pushing back any mandatory vaccination. Fortunate because data now shows that as of August 2008, there have been 9.700 adverse event reports with the vaccine. Of these 580 were severe reactions like seizures and convulsions. And so far there have been 25 deaths.

The Merck juggernaut is undaunted by these deaths. They are bulldozing their way to get the FDA to approve Gardasil to be used to prevent genital warts among both boys and girls. However the vaccine is ineffective if the recipient is already sexually active.

Here's the irony that the mainstream media underplays. Most women with HPV don't get cervical cancer. It's a confluence of factors, like smoking and HIV infection that cause cervical cancer in women with HPV. Moreover, most cervical cancers are not even caused by the HPV.

So Merck is trying to bully the governments to force their citizens to take a vaccine that prevents a very small percentage of cervical cancers and genital warts.

Why is Merck up to this underhanded tricks? They don't have a strong pipeline anymore. In fact none of the Big Pharma boys have anything significant and substantial up their sleeves anymore. So they have to resort to dirty tactics like these. Almost everyone of them is trying to get the FDA to extend the use of their blockbuster drugs for other diseases as well.

So there you have it, in a nutshell (a long one though) about the sh*t in pharma land.